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Why Character is Important in Business

Today is the day you purchase a new car. You head to the dealership; you step out of the car and you’re engulfed by salesmen asking questions pushing to move you to the next step in the Buy A Car Now handbook. The encounter is annoying because you realize, you are nothing but a dollar sign.

That’s it!! A dollar sign!!

I hate to make this grand comparison, but the car salesmen’s interaction is similar amongst all business transactions. Customers must find value and before they make a purchase. A business, service, or product must expand to stay in business, therefore they overcharge for the experience and create massive demand by any means necessary. This equation creates an uneven exchange, which ultimately scars the character that is needed in business.

Try these top tips to maintain character in your customer business relationship

Create Deals that truly benefit all involved

Be flexible in deal-making, your goal in business shouldn’t be to grow the business by acquiring customers. Your goal in business is to deliver a great service or product so your customer tells other people about your business. Your goal as a customer shouldn’t be to dismantle or handicap the business or service by paying less. A customer should pay the price and continue to pay an increased price as they continue to benefit from the service or business.

Don’t feed off people who are suffering

Real Estate Wholesalers, Lawyers, Car Salesmen, vultures, etc., etc. etc. are perceived to benefit from life misfortunes, except for the vulture, that is the ultimate misfortune. Making money from people in bad situations is dishonorable and difficult to defend. If this is the foundation of your business, then it is impossible no matter how you justify it to find a character worthy of integrity.

Know when the relationship is over

The truth extends past being honest about the company and product, but the ongoing truth about the relationship the customer has with the business and vice versa. If the customer is not providing value for the business or the business is not providing value for the customer then it’s time to move on. This can be garnered very quickly in every conversation.

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